Permaculture Action Network - Core Crew of Permaculture Action Network

The Core Crew is (proposed to be) the central coordinating circle of the organization. It is comprised of people who have been working on the organization and its activities the longest, have the most experience, and take on a key role to make the organization as a whole function. Additionally, one person from each BioRegional Crew (is proposed to) sit on the decision making circle of the Core Crew. Proposals come from BioRegional Crews or members to the Core Crew for consensus. This consensus process is focused more around getting proposed projects to a place where the organizational as a whole feels confident in them, and to being supported as fully as possible by the organization as a whole.

Current Membership:
Ryan Rising
Jasmine Fuego
Zac Fabian
Alexa Levy

Proposed Membership:
Eliot Kersgaard (unless phasing out of organization) (Front Range BioRegional Crew)
Andy Sky
Kammer Offenhauser (Bay Area BioRegional Crew)
Michael Beck (Tennessee/Kentucky BioRegional Crew)