Navigators Group - TASK 5&6: Integrating for Action and Handing Over

The purpose of this subgroup is to keep you informed of the final stages of the Social Enterprise Stand-up Project. We embarked on this project in April with three specific goals:

  1. To raise the profile of SE as a creator of social and economic value, and strengthen the case for investment into sector development
  2. Engage and connect the diverse range of actors active in SE
  3. Facilitate the development of a coherent, representative and ambitious growth strategy for SE and impact-led business in Queensland.

Over the last six months, the SESP Governance Group and Project Management Team initiated a range of strategies and tasks to work towards achieving the SESP Goals. Please find a summary of the SESP in the WRAPPING-UP WEBINAR and accompanying powerpoints (attached below). QSEC will publish a final report soon.

Thank you for participating in this project with us. The SESP PMT is finishing up and handing over the reins to QSEC.
What's next?
If you want to chat about SESP materials and/or outputs, you can get in touch with Elise @eliseparups

If you have ideas/questions about the sector, contact Alex Hannant (@alexhannant2 ) and/or @emmakaterose

We hope to see you at future sector events. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions on the SESP process in thread 5.1 below.