Join our PHEPPER Group! This isn't another 'FYI' or 'GoogleGroup'. The goal: To create a common workspace for ideas, projects and decisions that we can collectively get behind as Regional PHEPPERs. This group is composed of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Professionals in Colorado. This type of workspace doesn't require participation- is invites it. Decisions will be put forth like polls (vote up/down/abstain) with due dates for responding, threads can be added and started by anyone in the group, and you can "mute" ones you don't wish to be part of. You can remove yourself at any time. It is a CLOSED group- meaning for Regional EPR staff only, anyone can find the group and ask to join. Only members can see who is in the group. Threads can be public OR private. There is one caveat: that you are doing so to move preparedness efforts forward, to improve our common understanding of strengths, needs, and goals for public health preparedness across Colorado! Click on Options and Email Settings to control how you are notified. Come on- I'm a PHEPPER, they're a PHEPPER- wouldn't you like to be a PHEPPER too?!