Path towards "FREEDOM"

The purpose of this learning exchange is to inspire the life long learners to empower their "love for nature" by reconnecting to their dynamic intelligence for the development of sustainability and well being; an chance to develop economic opportunity, 'affective' communities and environmental abundance for real SUCCESS.

Our objectives are to empower learners with WOW's framework and its eight (8) pillars that naturally makes us sustainable and regenerative. It was recently case studied by ASEAN Biodiversity Centre as the "Human Biodiversity Framework", this hands-on active learning exchange that cultivates both life skills and living skills to “define and achieve REAL opportunities".

This program will be quantified via an economic-based viability model, the ability to support one's real intent; a 'love for nature' that can be regenerated via WOW's "Sustainable Dynamics," the natural force and properties that made it possible for us to sustain ourselves.

Programs Framework Includes:

Celebrations - Mastery in Life Long Learning click here
Transformative (regenerative) Leadership click here
Dynamic Wellness click here
Sustainable Dynamics click here
Social Holistic Entrepreneurship

For more information on our efforts and on going programs, please visit our facebook page. To participate with WOW Bali, "Path towards FREEDOM", please contact Jaz Linh at:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +62 81236076270
Skype: WOW.Bali

Current project in progress with graduating students from Institut Pertanian Bogor at Sekar Bumi Farm. WOW Bali is under the Global Banjar International Yayasan; part of an International Sustainable Dynamic Collective, locally working with Dwijendra University, Sekar Bumi, ARMA Museum, Tri Hita Karana Bali and others.