Social.coop - Editorial group

Through documentation, this subgroup will support processes of representing, orienting and actively knowing within social.coop . . .
- Representing . . developing and agreeing documentary representations of #SC, and distributing consistent representations across the platforms that we manage to support potential members and present members of #SC.
- Orienting . . developing maps that enable folks - newcomers, users, interested non-users, existing members - to recognise the structures, processes and intentions that together constitute the evolving community and architecture that is social.coop. #SC members belong to numerous communities with diverse aims . . a pluriverse. An aim of this mapping is to facilitate solidarity and cooperation across these diverse ‘sectors’; and
- Knowing (verb, transitive) . . . Evolving documentary resources in an ongoing ‘dance of knowing’, building capability out-there among users and in-here among members.

Mike Hales volunteered for co-coordinator role in this thread. Am picking it up now, July ’18.

One function of this subgroup is to discuss and maintain the official social.coop account on our Mastodon instance.