Kiez Burn - Concrete power planning for on-site

power plan

in spreadsheet

From generator to end point planning, sometimes with up to 8 separate connections in it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZg5O6kf05JOxVD4xm_cax6vSA7y0ujEHrmrGBFjRKk/edit#gid=1771340394


you can find the power planning map here: http://bit.ly/2qVmBkM


about the cables

The breakdown of the different materials that will be included in the cable delivery: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZg5O6kf05JOxVD4xm_cax6vSA7y0ujEHrmrGBFjRKk/edit#gid=1201053949
- "KB braucht" is what we needed from the power planning, this is matched with "Deytona Angebot" (also in att.)
- "Deytona spare" is extra stuff that we can, but probably will not need. This is free until we use it. Do not upack that box! If you do need cables from it however, then you need to mark it somewhere as "used" and then we will pay the price of that single thing you ended up using (and not the price of the whole "spare" box)

About the timing:

  • the cables will be brought to the site on the Sunday, so Sunday laying the cables can start
  • On Tuesday the generators will arrive. There will be technical assistance for half a day. This would be a great time to learn the ins-and-outs of the generators, what needs to be done if they are broken etc.


  • Power planning: waldo & Johannes
  • On-site: Rel, Johannes & Zach. There do not seem to have been that many people signed up for power. Therefore, it might be good to start making some publicity in the facebook group for the power team. In addition, the camps know they'll need to help with digging power lines, but communication has not been that strong thusfar. It might be good to send out another email with a reminder and more of an exact time. Also: you got one volunteer: Liam ([email protected]) who signed up, might be good to get him more involved, already invited him to this space here.

Our email:
- https://accounts.zoho.eu/signin
- [email protected]
- burnthekiez

Two connected threads:

spend something?

keep your receipts and put your "rechnung" here: https://receipts.kiezburn.org/