Dill Pickle Food Co-op - Dill Pickle Co-op leadership & advisors

A place for the board, GM, and consultants to discuss topics, prepare for meetings, and get stuff done together.

The goal is to set up Loomio to reflect what our real-life organizational structure looks like. So, this Loomio group will emulate and refer back to the content of our board meetings.

Examples of what to post in this group:
- Discussion of meeting agenda items including GM and board monitoring
- Notes on operations updates
- Notes & questions for our consultants related to operations and reporting
- Owner concerns
- Outcomes of committee meetings

Examples of what NOT to post in this group:
- Committee-specific topics (Post to appropriate committee instead)
- Topics that need to be voted on specifically by the board (post in the Board group)
- Topics that would normally require executive session (if in doubt, post to the Board group first)

Remember that opinions of individual directors will be shared in this group, but are not binding until agreed upon by the board as a whole.

Please be patient as we learn together how to use this tool!




Annual Calendar & Work Plan

Committee info & links to charters

Proposal Template

C and D policy report template

Committee Report Template