Sexual Violence Crisis Support Services


This group has been set up as an avenue for you to give your feedback on the development of sexual violence crisis support services. Thank you for joining the conversation here on Loomio with us.

Here you can find a consultation document we've written that reflects the engagement done so far and sets out the next steps in our service development.

You can contribute to this service development by participating in:

Our other Loomio discussion

This group is about the development of the sexual violence crisis support services. To join the conversation on the development of the new sexual violence information and support service (National Helpline), you can join this loomio group.

This consultation will be open until 28 April 2017. It will be supported by 5 regional hui for existing sexual violence crisis support service providers to discuss the document and approach.

We will continue to add to the conversation on Loomio over the next few weeks and encourage you to check back often and contribute to the discussion.

Please join the conversation in the threads below.

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