Climate Emergency Watch, BaNES

 Climate Emergency Watch BaNES:

  • is led by citizens as a voluntary organisation;

  • monitors BaNES council;

  • compares BaNES to best practice;

  • decides if BaNES is meeting its declared Climate Emergency ambitions;

  • Responds appropriately.

This involves members who:

  • work at their own pace;

  • choose a defined area of focus;

  • follow the council on that area;

  • learn what other councils and countries are doing;

  • evaluate if our council is doing as well as it should;

  • if appropriate, recommend a response to their subgroup.
    If a positive or negative response seems appropriate:


    If a positive or negative response seems appropriate:

  • the subgroup consults with the main group;

  • together they consider the range of possible responses;

  • decide between: contacting/meeting with a councillor, statement to committee or council, letter to Chronicle, press release or informing direct action groups.