The Alpha Christmas Giving Circle

We are Alpha. Our tradition of generosity started over 30 years ago at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, MN. We believe in sharing what we have with others and supporting causes and charities that do good. We have always supported charities with our time and our money. The Alpha Christmas Giving Circle will allow us to continue our financial support to charities of Alpha's choice. Throughout each year we will collect donations, post suggestions for charities to receive our donation and live out our values. At our annual Christmas party we will finalize the charity to receive our gifts. Our hope is that we inspire and encourage others to share what they have.

We Value:
* Honesty
* Respect
* Commitment
* Courage
* Openness

We trust one another and support each other through life's journey. Our hope is that Alpha, in some form, will continue with the traditions and friendships for another 30 years.