Khabele School Strategic Planning

This group has been created for Khabele School community members to share feedback and ideas about our Spring 2016 Strategic Planning process.

This tool is designed to sustain and stimulate conversation between our face-to-face strategic planning events this spring. Information and ideas gathered with this tool will help us to identify the patterns and trends to explore more with you in our smaller group think tanks in April. We invite people to share ideas, impressions, and perceptions about the Austin educational landscape and our school's place in it.

By design, this is not an anonymous forum. Direct communication is a core value of our community. We request that all participants honor the norms below.

We will each strive to:

  1. Think critically and analytically about content/issues, AND remember to use kindness and respect, even in disagreements.
  2. Offer a corresponding solution or suggestion when noting an obstacle or issue.
  3. Welcome the contributions of every community member and listen to each other.
  4. Assume best intentions of each other.

This site is not a place to:

--Air personal grievances.
--Resolve problems specific to your child.
--Give feedback on the performance of an employee of the school.

As you'll see, we have created starter discussion threads based on the themes that emerged during the launch events on February 15, 16, & 17 and in early meetings of the Strategic Planning Steering Group. If you have a topic thread that you think should be added, please email it to [email protected].

One of Loomio's features is that a proposal can be created within a thread. A proposal is analogous to a motion or suggestion at an in-person meeting. We may or may not engage this proposal feature, as we are utilizing Loomio as a brainstorming platform, not a decision-making platform.

Now, a short caveat: at this stage in the strategic thinking process, insightful questions and creative (even unconventional) ideas are welcome. Later in the process and as we enter April & May, the steering group will focus our work and make choices about what's feasible and what's strategic. This means that not all offerings will make it into a final plan.