Online Consultation Process of the Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans Summit Series - Gender issues

Gender equality is about providing women and girls with equal access to education, healthcare, labour market and representation in political and economic decision-making thus ensuring equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for everyone. It is a precondition for reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.

Achieving gender equality requires engagement of women and men, governmental and nongovernmental organisations and institutions along with their mutual coordination and cooperation. It requires understanding of women’s disadvantaged position and acknowledgement of the necessity to have specific strategies and measures directed at tackling the causes of this historical and social injustice.

The Online Consultative Process for the Civil Society Forum brings together CSOs from the Western Balkans in order to receive their inputs in formulating policy recommendations for topics which are in line with the priority themes of the upcoming London Summit.

Hence, we invite you, civil society organisations and think tanks from the Western Balkans, to take part in the online consultation process and contribute to the production of a policy brief that focuses on achieving gender equality in the countries of the region.

The online consultation process is launched with the aim to diagnose the key gender-related challenges based on research and activities implemented by civil society organisations and think tanks and to identify main (governmental and non-governmental) actors who work on facilitating, delivering and funding activities on tackling gender inequality.

Moreover, bearing in mind the comparable socio-economic conditions in the Western Balkans countries, we want to collect examples of best practices from across the region that can serve as a model for future policies.

Join us in this effort to improve gender equality in the Western Balkans!

Please, consider inviting your CSO counterparts to join this consultative process.

The group is moderated by Katarina Tadic, European Policy Centre.