ICSM MDWG ISO 19115-3 guidance development

This is the ICSM Metadata Working Group (MDWG) forum for ISO 19115-3 metadata guidance development. The MDWG web page and Terms of Reference can be viewed here: MDWG

This Loomio board will serve as the communications and decision making venue for development of agreed upon element definitions and related matters for the ISO 19115-1 / -3 as implemented in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the next several weeks we will work to complete the element definitions work begun at the MDWG face to face workshop in Melbourne 22 Feb 2019. We will look at these elements section by section beginning with a review of the decisions made at that workshop. This will give us the opportunity to get used to the tools provided by Loomio and address any lingering issues or additional elements reccomended in this section e.g. Parent Metadata (by Evert Bleys).

Byron Cochrane will moderate the discussions here on this Loomio board.

We have modify our approach to this work somewhat as we progress and find more effective ways to do things. Currently I suggest a list of elements from a metadata 'package' within the standard, e.g. identificationInfo. We then vote on these to create a priortised list of elements to define. These elements are populated with definitions extracted from the ISO 19115-1 document and other sources including our previous work and contributions. These are then posted for feedback and discussion from our community. Votes for approval will occur when are nearing consensus for the elements - preferable at face to face meetings for contentious definitions.

The definitions and guidance notes are compiled to a common yet evolving template. This will for the basis for the final good practice document for element definition and use.

This phase of the process will complete in late June or early July.