The Social Side of NRM

This group is for practitioners in the field of NRM. The site was first developed for participants in LVI's Landcare Professionals Forum, 2017, to convene at a distance around the Forum agenda, with the possibility of continuing to use this as a place to think about the social side of NRM, in particular:
. how to organise in community,
. how to collaborate
. how to influence agendas.

It's now 2018, and I'm proposing that Loomio's facilities be used to back up LVI's May Forum (focus = innovation in peer to peer exchange). If you're someone passionate about documenting Landcare's knowledge, then I want you here!

LVI's May 2018 Forum is a change to capture what we're learning about peer-to-peer exchange in Landcare, and set up digital facilities to support peer-to-peer exchange in Landcare.
When we meet as peers, we access profound intelligence about communities and partnership. But there's a problem with websites like this - discussion requires writing! Landcare's strength is its oral transmission of knowledge. We're good at telling stories and learning that way.

However, if a few people enjoy the way writing down clarifies and progresses what they know about, the Forum might be a place they can document what we're learning about peer-to-peer exchange. This site is supported by CLEA (Community Learning for Environmental Action), a LVI/NRCL action research project discovering what will support peer to peer learning in the community environment sector in Victoria.

The Forum call is attached. I will post topics as separate threads as Forum topics gain traction over the run up to the face-to-face event. Jump in!