EHF Fellows-only Safe Space

A space for EHF Fellows, run by EHF Fellows. This is the place where we can coordinate and discuss, create and change. Here we build knowledge, walking the talk around "transparency", which this community needs to thrive.

This space is only accessible to Fellows. In particular, this means that nothing you write here can be seen by EHF staff, board, and supporters. And it will stay this way, with the only consideration being whether to include partners of fellows, who have become engaged members of our community.

Please respect the rules: be good, and keep these threads, proposals and conversations confidential so that everyone feels safe to post and speak their minds.

Nau mai, haere mai.

We're using "tags" to categorise threads. Use the tags selector left of the search box to limit the display of threads to those relevant to you. And please close threads when they are no longer active.

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