Make decisions together

Make decentralized decision making work

Loomio is an open source tool used by self managing organizations, communities, DAOs and Web 3 ecosystems who want to make better decisions together.

Create signal from noise

Turning noisy chat into clear discussion and action is hard.

Loomio works alongside discord, slack and chat apps for you to prioritise workflows, develop strategy and make action orientated transparent, collaborative decisions.

Align the right people around the right decisions

Not everyone needs to be involved in every decision. Attention is expensive.

Loomio makes it easy to setup decision making processes so you can use collective attention more effectively.

Get the details right before voting

Loomio makes it easy to seek advice, surface tensions, iterate on proposals and align on the details with groups of any size.

Save time, money and create better outcomes by getting the details right, before voting.

Make decisions inclusive and transparent

Using Loomio means every decision is inclusive, transparent and clear. Records are easily searchable and referenced in wider documentation and processes.

See Loomio in action

Explore walkthrough examples of groups using Loomio to solve common challenges and make decisions together.

Benefit from decades of experience in collaborative, decentralized organization building.

Built for remote teamwork

Designed for remote asyncronous teams

Loomio has been built by and designed for remote, asynchronous teams.

Perfect for DAOs. Don’t let timezones or distance get in the way of deep collaboration. 

Open source DNA

Open source cooperative DNA

Loomio has been built on open source values by a member owned cooperative.

Our mission is empower groups of any size to make decisions more inclusively and transparently.

Proven methods and processes

Over a decade of successful users

Since 2010 thousands of groups have made millions of decisions with Loomio.

Learn from the success of other coops, self managing and members led organizations.

Perfect for Web3 builders to engage community, prioritize workflows and make transparent, collaborative decisions.

Organize and communicate clear decision making processes.

Create secure, transparent decision making records.

Develop strategic inclusive organizational agreements

Enable tactical decision making for autonomous teams

Flexible pricing and hosting options

From $199+ per year

Loomio is open source software. We offer flexible hosting and support options. Start immediately with our secure cloud service or choose a private server. Hire us to help you set up Loomio successfully.

Cloud plans include:

Complete Loomio feature set

USA, EU, or NZ/AU servers

Secure service with 99.99% uptime

Slack / Discord / Microsoft Teams integration

“If you’re building a DAO and serious about decentralization and autonomy then Loomio is a critical part of your toolset.”

Join a global network of Loomio users

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New Zealand Educational Institute
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Office of the registrar indigenous corporations