Thu 6 Jul 2017 9:39AM

Welcoming discussion on our Trust objectives

MA Mark Amery Public Seen by 427

We have developed draft objectives for the trust drawn from February and June community hui. We’re interested in any feedback on this kaupapa by Saturday 15 July. There will then be an opportunity to vote on it via our online platform Loomio by Thursday 20 July.
The objectives are the general purpose of the trust and need to be broad and permissible for our activity. In consultation with the community through Loomio and hui, the trustees will then determine how the objectives will be met and who will benefit from the trust’s work.

Draft objectives for the PHT

  1. To help ensure a strong, diverse and connected community by assisting those people in need to access affordable and appropriate housing in Paekākāriki.

  2. To recognise mana whenua’s special connection to this land.

  3. To ensure beneficiaries of the trust include the elderly, residents with changed circumstances, residents on lower incomes and Ngāti Haumia.


Phoebe Taptiklis
Mon 14 Aug 2017 10:33PM

I agree this is a good solution, which actually encompasses the other objective. Good work!


Grant Nicholls
Sun 20 Aug 2017 9:53AM



Mark Amery Sun 20 Aug 2017 8:51AM

Thanks all for voting - one day left on this.