Mon 9 Oct 2017 8:50PM


S Soenke Public Seen by 422

I have played around with pen and paper a bit. I'd like to ask you to come up with some designs and to post them here


Fiona Pollard Sun 22 Oct 2017 11:47PM

I love the photo of the feet and strings...


FLYaElizabeth Tue 31 Oct 2017 10:34AM

How's this for a slogan; Time to Work, Time to West, West Coast Timebank! :laughing:


Soenke Thu 2 Nov 2017 8:50AM

Hmm. looks small on here. Was bigger on Pixlr were I made it.


Sönke Tue 14 Nov 2017 3:52AM

David sharpened the edges a bit and the letters got legs. What do you think?


Birte @ New Coasters Tue 14 Nov 2017 11:04PM

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been particularly active - had lots else on...
Here are my thoughts regarding the logo:
- circular shape is great as it will go with the other logos we are using
- I like the people you are using; but please keep in mind that they are actually the people from the New Coasters logo - might be a good idea to check with the committee? My suggestion: use the same shape but make it 5 instead of 3 people and change their colours?
- I like the heart shape - if it was green, it would look like an unfolding fern :-)
- not sure about the fonts/ writing?
- I don't think the slogan "time to work, time to West" is really significant - doesn't really bring the message what Timebanking is about across for me :-(
for me the key words should be about 'sharing skills & passion' or 'swap skills not coins'...

Hope this makes sense... :-)


Micheal Wed 15 Nov 2017 9:59PM

I like Birte's wording better :Swap skills rather than cash, or words to that effect.
Micheal, Hoki