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Jane Thu 22 Mar 2018 9:16AM

Hi there! I'm new here. Thanks for having me here. I'm currently in a 5-week workshop called LeadWise Academy, which is a partnership with Enspiral and a Ricardo Semler Foundation (heard of his radically democratic Semco organization in Brazil?). Our workshop is all on self-organization and through it I heard of Loomio (very lovely!) and Enspiral - the best "role model" for an organization I want to build in my city in south Taiwan. Personally I live life in Open Space, using Open Space Technology in many different forms, including education. And after many years out of formal education I'm soon stepping back in. I came here to learn what core questions are being bounced around here and how you are seeing unique ways of addressing the questions. Harrison Owen (OST - promoter, I guess you'd say) did a multi-day OST in the Philippines on ... the future of Education. The proceedings are available. I could point anyone interested there, but results are unlikely to be surprising. I think the general consensus was that most people simply don't know HOW to teach/learn in open ways in a formal setting. I guess I've spend my last ... 20 years, perhaps playing with that question ... maybe my whole life at different skill levels. Happy to be here and able to look around!