Mon 2 Feb 2015 9:11PM


M Melanie Public Seen by 97

I notice there is a spike in people signing up to the group. It's fantastic that people are interested in giving loomio a try. But as I am no longer directly affiliated with Catalyst, perhaps someone else would be willing to step up and be the person who moderates membership?


Kurt Mon 2 Feb 2015 11:30PM

OK, how do we do that? Can you make me an administrator for now?


Melanie Tue 3 Feb 2015 1:21AM

Looking into how to do that. Didn't find anything in the instructions, so sent them an email. Will let you know when I can make the change.


Melanie Tue 3 Feb 2015 12:34PM

You are now the coordinator.


Kurt Tue 3 Feb 2015 10:47PM

Actually the new group is called Catalyst Ecovillage. This one is defunct.
All good! Thanks


Melanie Wed 4 Feb 2015 12:01AM

Ok well a few others had asked to be in it so you might want to let them know too.


Happythunder Mon 9 Feb 2015 2:42AM

Oh wow! Finally on Loomio! What's up guys! Sorry I have been so out of the loop lately, I am insanely busy with school. But I am still on board!