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"Agreements Document"

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Accepted proposals

The purpose of this document is to describe procedures by which the members are acting in good faith to find areas of common agreement in both letter and spirit, and to describe such areas of agreement as have been reached through the ratification process.

The Accepted Proposals section shall be defined as that text which all members of the agreement have agreed to and ratified using the principles and procedures laid out in the rest of the Accepted Proposals section.

The next meeting will be held at 6:30pm EST on Friday, August 3, in the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve. We both agree to try to call each other at that time.

We agree to have conversations about this document in other places, including https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qmsGnAzN4QXNkybn9AtIYfS1cAhhdNugYdx-xYOBDGY/edit?pli=1

Proposed alterations begin in italics and are signed by their proposer until ratified.

One may retract one’s proposal at any time by removing one’s initials from it. If one is the last proposer of an action, one may delete the proposal when deleting one’s initials.

Once amendments have all of the members’ initials in front of them, they should be de-italicized and have the initials removed and moved to the “ACCEPTED PROPOSALS” section. This can be done by anyone.

Brackets are used for inline discussion

We will try to write a book or produce some other work.

Amendments may be proposed creatively using whatever formatting seems helpful to articulate the change being proposed, so long as the final wording as it enters the Accepted Proposals section is also given in plain formatting.

Accepted amendment proposals are not to be moved into the Accepted Proposals section of the original agreements document; rather, the original document will be amended to exactly reflect the full plain text as provided in the amendment proposal, and the amendment proposal may and should be deleted by anyone.

If stuff has no initials behind it, it may be deleted from the Unaccepted Proposals area.

Amending proposals must include the full text of the Accepted Proposal to be amended as well as the proposed final text as it will appear if the amendment is accepted.

Unaccepted Proposals

[Proposals should be ratified if and only if all members genuinely believe there is such a common agreement.]

[I suggest one such book or website or something might try to provide a comprehensive understanding of some way or direction we could go to get out of Babylon, including things on power, race, sex, sexuality, addiction, money, the environment, presence, codependence, history. we could include lots of suggestions about ways things might work in a power-with kind of world, anarchist thinkings, ways society could begin to transition nowadays, etc.

I like your idea about addressing it to the suburbs. I think the suburbs and reddit and shopping malls are about the right place to aim it.]


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We will try to write a book or produce some other work.


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Scott Gregory
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why not not not?


Scott Gregory
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it's a little vague


Scott Gregory Wed 8 Aug 2012 11:24PM

I'm gonna propose the ones I see as still relevant