Sun 20 Dec 2020 8:56PM

Is there an option to sign thread author over to another member?

S Strajk Public Seen by 59

As three persons we created thread in the name of organization and we want them to appear as the one created by organization, not these individuals. Is there a way to sign them over to one profile so they will appear such as to all other people?

We find a work-around to rename profiles of this three persons as osk1, osk2, osk3 and change their profile pictures. But it is not really elegant way ;)


Robert Guthrie Sun 20 Dec 2020 9:04PM

No, not currently. Sorry.

We're working on displaying all authors of a thread together, in the next revision of the thread page.


Strajk Sun 20 Dec 2020 11:14PM

OKi. And how it would appear if we delete user that create a thread?


Robert Guthrie Mon 21 Dec 2020 12:07AM

it would appear as [deactivated user]


Strajk Mon 21 Dec 2020 9:34AM

Oki. We will go with work-around then.