Project Roadmap/Timeline

AS Alex Stacey Public Seen by 287

It makes sense to have a roadmap for the project, so that we can aim to complete it in good time. Being a calendar, it would be ideal to launch it at the beginning of a year. At this stage, it's hard to say if this is overly optimistic.

The following is a proposal. Feedback is welcome.

  • 3rd July 2016 - Start of project. First people invited.
  • Sept 2016 - All animals decided with corresponding dates.
  • Nov 2016 - All publishing decisions made. Start planning launch of calendar.
  • 1st Jan 2017 - Calendar is launched.

Rachel Connolly Wed 6 Jul 2016 6:56PM

Sounds good to me. I think 5 months should be enough time to have something done..... don't get me started on OKRs though!
Is there a way to have a 'real-time' kickoff?


Alex Stacey Mon 11 Jul 2016 4:10PM

What do you mean by real time kick off? I don't think there's anything specifically like that built in to Loomio - but I guess we could implement some way to make it clear what we're working on at the moment. Maybe adding something to the text on the front page..?