Thu 17 Oct 2013 7:35AM

Paid services

RJ Raphaël Jadot Public Seen by 268

This topic is for discussing and agreeing on paid services: who, why, how etc.

Details: the proposal is 1000 euros per person for 4 months. Total 8000 euros which we already have.


Raphaël Jadot Thu 17 Oct 2013 7:35AM

I'll append the context depending on the decisions taken.


Kate Lebedeff Thu 17 Oct 2013 9:37AM

Not clear, on what exactly to comment:)


Poll Created Mon 21 Oct 2013 1:15PM

TPG and Arisel providing paid services to the association Closed Thu 24 Oct 2013 5:41PM

There are few jobs in cooker, which need to be attended, as it was discussed for a long time (being in sphere of project management and communication). We currently have money to pay some provider to fullfill these job (1000€ for each month of provided service for two people).

Under certain legal conditions, we can give these roles to some members, as long as there is some invoice and that there is no hierarchical relation between the member fulfilling these role and the members (otherwise it would be an actual salary, and it would imply a reclassification of our association).

Cooker meeting (15.10) has fully approved TPG and Arisel for these roles. Please confirm, that Association is ready to invest this amount of money into development process.

Note from Raphaël:
I have searched and asked, unless I missed something, there is no financial or legal issue, as long as there is no hierarchical relations between the service provider (TPG and Arisel) and its client, ie OpenMandriva Association, inside the frame of the service provided. The provider is independant but if wanted by a part or another an additional contract can be established.


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Anurag Bhandari
Mon 21 Oct 2013 4:39PM

Both are doing a good job about the distro, so no opposition from my side.


Mon 21 Oct 2013 7:13PM

We have the money for that.


Raphaël Jadot
Mon 21 Oct 2013 9:34PM

We definitely need these services and I totally trust Arisel and TPG.


Raphaël Jadot Mon 21 Oct 2013 1:29PM

just to precise:
1000€ two times for two people ie 2000€ total, not 1000 € for two people :)