Tue 24 Feb 2015 5:05AM

Internet Party elects new board

AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 159


7 Men including Kim Dotcom have been elected to the IP board - seems that a lot of women have left with Liala. Still they have a better gender balance than we do.


Ben Vidulich Tue 24 Feb 2015 7:49AM

They don't appear to be backing down, so I guess we'll need to define the relationship we want with them given that we're working in a very similar political space: either with them in some sort of join/merger/partnership, or against them as a competitor with the potential for many similar/overlapping policies.


Andrew Reitemeyer Sun 1 Mar 2015 3:53AM

Their new start is somewhat shakey


Ben Vidulich Tue 3 Mar 2015 6:29AM

From reading the first few posts currently on that page, here's what I think our party could learn from their party:

A better complaints process. Members should be able to raise concerns about the party in confidence and the concerns by addressed. The process would be handled by someone not on the board and their role would be to anonymise the complaint and send it to the correct audience. The correct audience would have a fixed time to provide a resolution for the issue. The resolution wouldn't necessarily mean the issue is resolved but should demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to address the issue. The "complaints officer" would send the resolution back to the person who sent the complaint. With the permission of the person making the complaint the resolution would also be made public.

There needs to be an equality officer. This person should create and take advantage of as many opportunities for equality as possible. This officer should be at board level and as such should be treated with as much importance as any other board member. I believe Tommy introduced (himself??) the role to a previous board, but I haven't seen the position in any subsequent board. This is especially important right now since the board consists entirely of privileged white male nerds and that's no great help at all to promoting equality.

We need a [better] feedback loop with the general membership about the party's direction in terms of [whoever we think should be leading this party] and [whoever is being represented]. Ensuring there is communication in both directions between these two groups in the square brackets is equally as important as defining who the people are that are in the square brackets. A slight tangent: I believe having the feedback loop during and after taking actions is equally if not more effective as having the feedback loop before taking the action - e.g. doing something and discussing its success or failure later may be more effective than infinitely trying to decide on an action to take and never actually completing the action.