Wed 10 Nov 2021 8:50AM

Why can't I mark threads as read any more?

DA Dani Ahrens Public Seen by 190

In one of my Loomio groups, we have a practice of closing threads once a decision has been made. Whenever someone closes a thread, it comes back into my Inbox as Unread.

There used to be a quick way for me to mark these threads as 'read' without having to open them and close them again. I think it recently changed to a tick, but now it has disappeared altogether.

Is there a reason for this?


Rob Guthrie Thu 11 Nov 2021 12:24AM

Hi @Dani Ahrens, thanks for pointing this out. It's a bug, the button is there, but there is no icon on it, so it's invisible. I'll deploy a fix later today.


Rob Guthrie Thu 11 Nov 2021 12:47AM

Ok, fixed!