Tue 18 May 2021 10:10PM

Weekly Branch Check-Ins

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Each Branch meets every week.


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Each Branch (Creative, Finance, Education, Production) of Pecan Milk Cooperative shall conduct a regular check-in conversation. The Team Captain or current facilitator may facilitate these check-in meetings.

Monday: Education, Training and Information (Education Director, Chief Information Officer)

Tuesday: Sales (Chief Finance Officer)

Wednesday: Finance (Chief Finance Officer)

Thursday: Production (Executive Chef)

Friday: Creative (Creative Director, Chief Customer Officer)

Alternating Saturdays: All Members (current facilitator, all Members)

Alternating Saturdays: Team Captains (current facilitator, Team Captains)


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Tue 18 May 2021 10:14PM

personally i dont think id be able multiple weekly meeting into my schedule


Ikenna Ugwuh
Tue 18 May 2021 10:14PM

I agree with this in theory, but sometimes scheduling can be a struggle for a number of different people and variable reasons between them. Perhaps we shoot for this and if a member can't make the weekly check-in, they'll let the facilitator know ahead of time and then maybe check-in later in the day via slack.


Nijil Jamal Jones Wed 19 May 2021 3:09PM

This should be a day-to-day management decision that the Board of Directors should not be trying to mange.


Angel Alicea Sat 22 May 2021 3:37PM

Multiple weekly meetings are to much , I suggest 1 weekly meeting and check ins via email , slack and task management