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I'm a huge fan of the podupti.me listing and I think it is super useful especially when explaining diaspora and the federation to new users ("You can set up your own pod, look here is a list of pods that already exist").

But there are some things that can be improved.

For example putting an explanation on the list itself, what is diaspora, what is this list for, which creteria has what impact on the ranking. Is it a ranking or just a list, etc.
A huge plus would also include making the the information on the list translatable.

I know that David Morley is the maintainer and that the code is on Github, so maybe there is a possibility to integrate it to the foundation site?

This would help users that are completely new to diaspora and are looking for information. They might stumble over joindiaspora's link to podupti.me but there is no real information about the project.

What are your thoughts on this?


goob Thu 12 Sep 2013 6:18PM

I think for the future it could definitely be a good idea to integrate poduptime to the foundation site - if David is happy for that to happen.

For the time being, I have asked Maxwell to change the link on the jd.com home page from poduptime to the foundation site, so that anyone who lands there will get an explanation about how to choose a pod, rather than the raw data on poduptime. However it sounds as though this change won't be made for a while. See his comment.

It would be great if anyone wants to fork the poduptime project and improve it.


goob Thu 12 Sep 2013 6:20PM


Sean Tilley Fri 13 Sep 2013 4:46PM

I'm all about integrating pod stats into the foundation site. Maybe we can hold a vote for it? :)


Koen Martens Sat 14 Sep 2013 9:08PM

There's a lot to improve about podupti.me I think. For example, signing up as a pod maintainer is kinda weird. It mentions a 'free pingdom account' but the link leads to some commercial site asking me to shell out US$9.99 a month. I'm not going to pay US$9.99 / month to have my pod listed on podupti.me. Also, there's a support link on podupti.me, which leads to a page that says '
No help desk at diasporg.zendesk.com

The help desk configured at this address is no longer available.'.

All in all, podupti.me to me looks like an abandoned project.


Flaburgan Tue 22 Oct 2013 9:33PM

https://www.pingdom.com/free/ is the good url. And you need to stop ghostery to be able to register.


StarBlessed Sat 2 Nov 2013 12:11PM

podupti.me isn't abandoned. But @davidmorley does have other things on his plate. For now, its functioning and providing the correct data. Until someone comes up with a replacement or alternative, it does the job.


Jason Robinson Sat 2 Nov 2013 2:14PM

I'd personally want a pod list to be maintained automatically on the project site by pods themselves - opt-in in pod configuration of course. This was part of the suggestion relating to public post federation.

Podupti.me is great but it is a third-party service unless it is moved under the project website - which would need a lot of rebranding and imho some redesign to fit in. And of course code changes to make it work for the new purpose.


Flaburgan Sun 3 Nov 2013 10:55PM

Podupti.me is on github, if you guys want to improve something, just feel free to open a pull request ;)


Jason Robinson Mon 4 Nov 2013 8:25PM

@flaburgan yeah, which is cool, and podupti.me is cool - but however cool and open source it is it's still manually maintained, not integrated in any way and not an official project asset. Plus, it cannot be used for other things since it has no API (though that could be fixed of course, but the data set would not be useful).


David Morley Fri 8 Nov 2013 1:17AM

FYI its had an API since day one, the android app uses it as do some other websites.

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