Fri 29 Aug 2014 4:37AM

Cyclists partnering with WDC to optimise infrastructure outcomes

SJ Shane Jansen Public Seen by 69

I suggest that we will get the best outcomes when developing cycling and walking infrastructure if user communities are invited to partner with council during the process - especially design but also in identifying opportunities.


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Partner in development of Raumanga to Onerahi path. Closed Thu 30 Oct 2014 3:09PM

Council have identified this path as a priority but I understand that the detail for much of it is yet to be developed. Cyclists and walkers could make an important contribution to design. We could make be the difference between an adequate outcome and an excellent outcome.
This could start with the Walking and Cycling reference group. We need to ensure there is adequate representation there and that information about design is shared early and input actively sought.


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Fri 29 Aug 2014 5:21AM

Its important that the users of the paths feed into design or we end up with something that is not fit for purpose.


Fri 29 Aug 2014 7:40PM

A safe cross town ride between two key transport links would really broaden the appeal of cycling in my view


Terry Jones
Sat 30 Aug 2014 12:57AM

Interconnection between orbital locations is paramount to the general public seeing and believing they can stretch their journeys further on 2 wheels in a safe and enjoyable fashion. It opens the realms of alternative, complimentary travel.


ash holwell
Sun 31 Aug 2014 2:06AM

perhaps analysis of the provisions of the loop path could be a good start - given that the path at hihiaua is narrow, documentation of it's use could contribute to more excellent provision.


Mark Fuller
Mon 1 Sep 2014 11:32AM

This route & the funding for it was discussed at today's Cycle Reference Group meeting. Well done Myles for mentioning the requirement for grass roots input. That comment was minuted and councillors/staff are now on notice to TAKE NOTICE!


Clare Terwiel
Wed 3 Sep 2014 10:16AM

A great idea - I go too many "cycle paths " on the road (eg coming down Kamo Rd ) that peter out in dangerous places when actually used. Nice thought that they were put in but not safe to actuallly use. And there are many of them ....


James Bellamy
Wed 10 Sep 2014 1:06AM

Given the history of the road designs for cycling infrastructure over the past few years and in particular the handful of new intersections, it would be good to see cyclists having input to get some good design outcomes.


Mark Garry
Sun 14 Sep 2014 8:14PM

Spoke to Chery Mai on Saturday at the new bridge opening. She is really keen on the cycleway and appreciative of the input of cycling lobby groups. This show of community suport will push this project on quickly.


Luigi Fri 29 Aug 2014 7:37PM

Would be interested to see what the Council have developed so far. Perhaps we can work from there.
Cheers, L

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