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"Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation" Project with CoopEU

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OSQuebec has a new project called "Sharing, Collaboration, Cooperation". The project is led by Cooperatives Europe and brings together a consortium of universities, coworking spaces and communities of innovation through Europe. Bringing OSQ as an additional international partner is intended to bring a wider perspective to the project as well as to create international collaboration.
The project's general objective is to "establish a strategic partnership between co-working spaces, innovation communities and educational institutions, aiming for the emergence of collaborative spaces for community-driven innovation, and anticipating the transition towards a digital society". OSQ's role in the project is:
- to coordinate a research on coworking spaces best practices and governance models, both in Europe and Quebec (in collaboration with EU partners for data collection)
- to do a literature review on the topic (in collaboration with universities)
- to write a report on coworking spaces best practices and governance models, with a focus on the potential and limits of the cooperative model. This report will then be integrated in an open interactive version on the main site.

You can learn more on the project in the attached documents below.

The project is planned to last 32 months starting October 2018. The project leads for the OSQ's portion of the project are Laurence Audette Lagueux and Chiara Lussier. Other contributors will be needed through the project but since it's only starting, the needs are not clearly defined yet. We'll keep the community posted.
The project will be a great opportunity to connect OSQ with the world and to nurture OS's network. It will also bring expertise on the topic as well as visibility. As for the financial aspect of it, this project will bring around 4000 Euros for OSQ and OSG.

Feel free to comment and/or contribute


Stina Heikkila Fri 10 Aug 2018 7:34AM

Hi @kiara ! Would be really interested in knowing more about this! :) Are the documents confidential?


Kiara Fri 10 Aug 2018 1:44PM

Hi Stina, Do you have trouble opening the files attached?


Stina Heikkila Fri 10 Aug 2018 2:03PM

@kiara No but I would like to show the project to my colleagues, so I was just wondering if I can, or if it's still sort of in the making? :)


Kiara Tue 14 Aug 2018 3:37PM

We're early in the project. We'll keep you posted about what can be shared. Thanks for your interest.


Stina Heikkila Thu 16 Aug 2018 7:46AM

Sounds good!


Manel Heredero Fri 10 Aug 2018 9:18AM

I'd guess that @berniejmitchell might be interested in this


Miriam Moreno Fri 10 Aug 2018 2:13PM

Hi!! I could contribute, if you want, giving information about "La Colaboradora": a coworking space with a co-management governance between Public Administration & a Entrepreneurs' Community. This project has been awarded in several occasions on an international scale and it's being replicated in Latam and Europe. It's located in Spain and I'm part of it.


Laurence Audette-Lagueux Fri 10 Aug 2018 2:16PM

It would be amazing! We are keeping that in mind!


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Fri 10 Aug 2018 9:31PM


Laurence Audette-Lagueux Mon 13 Aug 2018 12:39PM

Absolument! Beaucoup de lien à créer ici! On t'en reparle rapidement quand on a un plan de match!


Juan Pablo Espinosa Tue 14 Aug 2018 12:36PM

I think it's a very interesting initiative and maybe it could be expanded to Latin America. In OSQuito we have a relationship with 3 coworkings linking principal cities quito, GUAYAQUIL and cuenca


Kiara Tue 14 Aug 2018 3:46PM

Good. For the moment, we're not mandated to research Latam but we could propose it. We'll keep you posted.


Jon Schull Thu 16 Aug 2018 12:25PM

e-NABLE is a model to consider. This global network of volunteers innovating free open source 3d printed Prosthetics engages all the collaboration spaces mentioned in a unique humanitarian effort. I'd be happy to contribute.


Kiara Thu 16 Aug 2018 2:31PM

Great! We'll keep you posted


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Fri 17 Aug 2018 2:25PM

If the main topic is innovation in a private-public-crowd partnership setting, Sensorica has done some work related to open science.


I reiterate the relevance of the Verdun project here, which in my opinion is a good synthesis and convergence of new innovation practices, establishing a shared space for private-public-crowd partnership.


I also think that Jérémy (OSQ) is well positioned to contribute to this project.

Is there a place on OSQ website of in the drive where someone can follow the development and intervene?

Is this an open and transparent project?

What are the rules or the governance behind it? Who can contribute and how?

What is the methodology of work?

Why is this a OSQ project? What characteristica make it an OSQ project? I know that OSQ rules about who and how someone can formally establish an OSQ project are loose, but have we considered some minimal conditions to be fulfilled before publically calling a project "a OSQ" project? Are these conditions a certain degree of openness to participation and transparency? Are thy about a specific governance applied to it? Are they about a specific methodology?

I am intentionally challenging the community with these questions because I want us to improve our capacity by adding more structure in our processes. A few promising initiatives have not been successful completed in the past for lock of structure. Moreover, the network runs the risk of further damage it's reputation if anyone can launch an OSQ project and run it as a small team project with not much oversight from the rest, or transparency.

Not saying that this project is not good or that the people behind it don't have good intentions. Just saying that if we adopt good practices we avoid project failure and network problems.


Laurence Audette-Lagueux Mon 20 Aug 2018 6:25PM

Hi Tibi!
Thanks for all that! Yes, you can find all the documentation on Drive (SSC project). We will update the folder on a regular basis. Of course, transparency is key and a core value of OSQ, Chiara and I are committed respecting that value. We will post on Loomio and Slack for any important updates both on international and local groups. We started from the beginning with that process: you can find in the local Loomio the first conversation when we've been asked to participate and call for contributors.

The full budget is also online and of course, the community can contribute to a certain part of the project. Since we are at the beginning of the process, Chiara and I are very open for propositions and we are happy to improve our methods and methodology.

As this project is a consortium with other international contributors, we ask the manager of the project (Louis Cousin) what degree of transparency we are able to reach. He's well aware of the way we work (Ouishare) and the degrees of openness we are looking for in a project.

As you mentioned, Jeremy well positioned to contribute. We are meeting with him Monday to talk about the project and how we can collaborate. You can join us happily tonight at l'Esplanade or if you want to assist in our pre-kick off, Chiara and I are meeting every Tuesday morning at Montreal Cowork or Hangout!
Thanks again for the challenges and we are looking forward to talk about Verdun for the project!


[deactivated account] Thu 23 Aug 2018 12:01PM

Hey Kiara, I guess we don't know yet each other :) I worked on a part of that topic. I would be happy to offer my contribution and to share you some documents :) please contact me at johanna@ouishare.net to plan a call. Hear you soon !