Mon 11 Oct 2021 2:58PM

Ikenna Facilitates & Brandon King supports Oct 11

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Ikenna facilitates

Attendees: Ikenna, Nijil, Jamie, Cai, Munk, Chel, Sunni, MIchele

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Brandon King facilitation training

  • send out an agenda early

    • considerate of people's time

    • allow's people to have a say

    • have an opportunity to see what we are discussing

  • we recently had a conflict

    • we need clear expectations and goals

  • try to keep the conversation alive

    • some folks are extroverts or introverts

  • agendas should be sent out ahead of time

    • there must be times for agenda times

      • can be set as a set meeting or can be put out to certain folks and groups

      • letting people make decisions is trust

  • check in with folks

    • do not want folks zoned out, eyes glazed over

  • have energy for the meeting!

    • try to make the best of our time

  • foster participation among participants

    • non-verbal communication is also real

    • support alternative methods of communication

  • agenda tips (chel xi's question)

    • have a gauge from previous conversations about how long topics take to talk about

    • might get a conversation of specific folks that can go off to have the conversation

    • check on what we have on our task list collectively

  • task list

    • do not leave the meeting without task-person

    • may need a buddy for checking in

    • designate a person and that person does not feel alone in doing it

      • what do they need for support for their work

      • should not feel isolated in work

  • chel xi: team building initiatives

    • during event

    • also working together

    • including yoga, spirituality and/or retreat

    • chel xi and cai down to talk about event or retreat