Thu 19 Apr 2018 8:24PM

Recruitment advert.

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Any suggestions for a recruitment advert to identify folk to work for a business that is commons focused?. I'm looking for people who are entredonneurial, a new word I just learnt in this excellent article http://commonstransition.org/18186-2/ One or two sentences would be good. Even better would be a list of six or seven principles that a new member of a workers coop might be asked to read & confirm their commitment to before progressing to any further conversation. This would be immensely helpful to me at this time, but I also feel it would be a useful exercise generally to pinpoint what should motivate people who wish to dedicate themselves to a commons transition. It will of course be a very different list to what most folk would consider important when job hunting.


Liam Murphy Thu 19 Apr 2018 9:13PM

Would need to know more about the business to help


Danyl Strype Fri 20 Apr 2018 3:56AM


Even better would be a list of six or seven principles

It sounds like the 7 Cooperative Principles are what you're looking for there.


Simon Carter Fri 20 Apr 2018 7:55AM

Thanks for the reply's, which are in fact both helpful & unhelpful as they do focus in on what I'm after without actually providing the answer. So, Liam, to know more about the business would I think be counter productive as I want principles that say more about the person (recruit) than the business & would apply to anyone wishing to work within the commons sector, & Strypey, equally, the coop principles again are about coops, not the people who work within them. I guess what I am after is something that will resonate with people & reflects a deep personal conviction, the sort of conviction that caused Michel Bauwens to walk away from the corporate world, Commons Principles if you will. They do seem to be missing from the narrative & would I suspect prove extremely useful across the development field. Many esquew what might best be described as the capitalist career path in search of something with meaning beyond a fat pay cheque. I want to find people like that. The business will have a flat wage structure, including me. What might a principle be for example that would reflect a lack of personal financial ambition as a positive & yet still see someone want to leap out of bed in the morning for other reasons? If the commons is fundamentally post capitalist then by definition a pre-occupation with capital must be an oxymoron. Please note, a living sustainable wage will be made. The idea is to get by within the dominant system whilst we work to build it's replacement. I have to say, knowing what I know about Michel, if anyone can write these principles based upon a personal journey he can. Hopefully he will :slight_smile:


Danyl Strype Sun 22 Apr 2018 8:59AM

I've written up 12 principles that guide my work for Disintermedia. Perhaps some of these could be of use?

BTW base on how you've described your goals and values here, whatever you're recruiting for, I'm keen to apply (if it can be done remotely)!


Simon Carter Sun 22 Apr 2018 10:15AM

Love this one .'Social enterprise: the principle that it’s possible to run businesses, and make a living as co-owners or employees, while making ethical consideration a higher priority than financial ones'. I have tried to send you a private message via Loomio, but not sure if it went. Please email me [email protected] A 'remote' contribution is a distinct possibility, especially having read up on some of the things you are involved in.


Graham Fri 20 Apr 2018 8:47AM

My advice would be to define the job description/s and person specification/s for the role/s that you are looking to fill, and then recruit based on the skills that those JDs and specs demand. Of course you can talk in your ad about the cooperative model, the commons and so on, and that will help potential applicants to self-select, but I'd saythe focus is on getting the people who can do the job well. They can learn about cooperatives while they are doing the job.


Michel Bauwens Fri 20 Apr 2018 10:27AM

"do you want to help solve and put energy in the urgent ecological and social issues currently becoming urgent issues in our world, created shared resources (commons) that can also be used by others, while also making a livelihood for yourself and your family ? we are looking for active entredonneurs, active and engaged citizens and commoners who want to generate value for people and planet"


Simon Carter Sat 21 Apr 2018 12:21PM

Eloquent as always, & very much appreciated.