Wed 4 Sep 2019 1:23PM

CARPE DIEM:10am, 9/4/19 LIVEstream: uLab kickoff w/ Surveillance Capitalism

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#RE2020: Since Sept 2015, have used MIT's #uLab to invite #RETech innovators, digital identity & privacy advocates to ask, "What will real estate ecosystem look like in 2020?"


This year, want to drill down on cocreating an OPEN #HousingID to counter to #SurveillanceCapitalism. Use Tweet below to tune into today's LIVEstream and stay tuned for updates:



Bill Wendel Wed 4 Sep 2019 2:24PM

Shoshana is talking about predictive analytics, submitted question: "Surveillance Capitalism is arguably just one unprecedented MEGATrend that’s causing discontinuity about how we respond to the future (eg. climate change, global speculation, intergenerational disconnect). Your words, “Surveillance Capitalism is not aimed at our HOUSE, but at our HOME.” literally makes me tremble. How can innovators in the housing, real estate, city planning ecosystem use uLab this fall to see through the discontinuity and make sense of megatrends to concrete a future where people “feel at home?”