Thu 17 Dec 2015 2:00AM

Please read our book about CC in NZ

EH Elizabeth Heritage Public Seen by 35

Kia ora

I'm really pleased to announce that we have just published our book, A Quiet Revolution: Growing Creative Commons in Aotearoa on our website:


Happy reading! We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Meri Kirihimete!



Elizabeth Heritage Mon 11 Jan 2016 10:59PM

I'm also publishing A Quiet Revolution on MeBooks and the Kobo store. It'll be on the Wheelers e-platform and I'm looking into getting it on OverDrive as well.


Elizabeth Heritage Tue 12 Jan 2016 10:08PM


Elizabeth Heritage Tue 12 Jan 2016 10:09PM

And here it is on the Kobo store: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/a-quiet-revolution-3
#4 in books about IP!


Danyl Strype Tue 19 Jan 2016 1:00PM

Great work on this! I showed my print copy to my whānau over the holiday season and a number of them are interested in buying print copies. I could just tell them to buy an e-book, but they really want a book they can read anywhere, and show to people. Are they currently for sale anywhere? If not, could we make them available using a print-to-order service like Lulu?


William Mckee Wed 27 Jan 2016 12:51AM

I've gone ahead and converted this to .mobi so I can read it on kindle.


Feel free to host it on your own servers.


Elizabeth Heritage Wed 3 Feb 2016 2:19AM

Kia ora William
Would you mind please using our Kindle version instead? It's got the correct ISBN and we've made a couple of corrections to the text.
It's up on the Internet Archive here: https://archive.org/details/AQuietRevolution1.1


William Mckee Sun 7 Feb 2016 11:18PM

done. replaced the .mobi with your one.


Elizabeth Heritage Tue 22 Mar 2016 2:58AM

I've looked into print on demand (POD) services and it looks like it's not going to work for us in this instance unfortunately. This is because our book is quite an odd size, and so we can't just drop the existing typesetting files into a POD service.
Of course it is all CC BY though so if anyone wants to re-typeset the book into a more standard size (eg. trade paperback) and make it available via POD they can!
In the meantime, we do still have some print copies of A Quiet Revolution, so let me know if you have a good use for one.


Danyl Strype Wed 23 Mar 2016 5:55AM

It might be worth broadcasting this suggestion on the cc-nz email list. There may well be CC supporters out there who have these skills, and would be willing to do the necessary formatting work. Once it's set up, POD distribution of 'A Quiet Revolution' could be an ongoing trickle of funding for CC ANZ, as well as getting more copies of the book out into the world for people to stumble across them.


Matt McGregor Thu 24 Mar 2016 2:46AM

FYI, Elizabeth's off for a few weeks, so can pick this up when she gets back. I think it's a substantial amount of work to re-typeset, though you're right, it may provide some funds. It might be worth 'costing' the likely time spent on this (including admin of getting revenue via our hosts) with the likely revenue (which is hard to predict...).

It's a good idea, though.

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