Sun 22 Sep 2013 7:38PM

Media / Branding / PR of Socent in NZ

AG Anna Guenther Public Seen by 23

So - I've started a google alert for any news articles on "Social Enterprise" + "New Zealand". And, it's sad how slim pickings it is!

So my question is:

  • How do we get more social enterprise stories into the media (to build awareness, credibility, discussion etc)?
  • How do we explain what SocEnt is, and pull in groups that are already doing it but don't call it that?
  • Once people hear about social enterprise in NZ, where do they go?

At MJ's session we discussed getting stories about people in the space into the media - more of a show examples of what it could be like than defining it. Anyone want to volunteer to have a story on themselves?