Community Self-Policing

GM Grace Miller Public Seen by 196

There is currently no executive response to sexual violence occurring in the community. The leadership at YouTube has publicly been completely silent on the issue, as well as many high-profile creators.

Since we cannot rely on community leaders or YouTube as a platform to respond, is there a way the community can police itself?


Gea Nils Wed 19 Aug 2015 10:49AM

I think supporting the victims, and not watching/interacting with abusers is very important.

Every voice saying this is not okay is important and shows that this sort of behaviour will not be accepted.


Christine Chapman Thu 20 Aug 2015 3:43AM

Absolutely! I remember the day a lot of this news came out, a group of my friends and I actually made a whole ritual of getting that content out of our lives. I purged my playlists, got rid of CDs, unsubscribed, etc.

It's hard, because that content was something you really liked, but ultimately every voice matters in this discussion.


Gea Nils Sat 22 Aug 2015 9:26AM

Yes, it is hard and sad for fans, finding out someone you liked and respected could do something so horrible. But remembering that people only show what they choose to show of themselves on the internet is important.

Youtubers are just normal people, with flaws just like everyone else. Putting them on a pedestal is easy to do when we just see the slice of themselves they choose to show publicly.