Wed 17 Mar 2021 10:49PM

White Paper 5 - designing to invite participation

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 8

Hi all, especially @Akash K P:
I assume this may have already been discussed in the white paper team and if so would be great to share in brief what you agreed on this point, I am wondering if there are fun ways to design and present the white paper in a way that looks professional and shows the work that has gone into it while still inviting participation and comment, indicating that we have unanswered questions/this is an unfinished project for us (UNicoins as a whole, not the white paper). It would be great to hear ideas and to know what's already in the pipeline :) I think the boxes for reflection help, maybe also something visual could help invite people to see themselves as co-creators of where this goes...? (not sure if loomio is the place to put this but figured I'd give it a try as we are experimenting and maybe it will lead to some sharing and decision-making at some point on this topic!)


Michaela Markova Thu 18 Mar 2021 6:11AM

A text boxes inviting people to think about a certain topic might work (these could be visually clearly distinguished from the rest of the text). Also, perhaps a google form at the end of the doc for people to post their comments?


Simon Bettighofer Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:16AM

Just as a thought: I like the concept of https://joedocs.com/ which are like googledocs, but can still look pretty official while inviting comments or participation.


Eleonora Gatti Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:22AM

Great idea! I think boxes with open questions would be good! Let's leave Akash and the design team come up with some nice suggestions!


Ruth Blackshaw Mon 22 Mar 2021 4:08PM

Thanks for the inputs everyone! Sounds like the action point here is for @Akash K P & design team to bear in mind in design & ask the wider team for help and inputs as needed !