Sun 18 Feb 2018 8:43AM

Ten Minute Talk Proposals

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Please add your Ten Minute Talk proposals here and these will be sent to Tate together by Chris

Ten Minute Talk
To provide a consistent and high quality programme of regular gallery talks to visitors that are researched, prepared and delivered by Tate staff and volunteers.

Ten Minute Talks aim to:

• Present anyone who works or volunteers at Tate with the opportunity to discuss their favourite artwork.
• Encourage talkers and visitors to find out more about the artwork on display, (an opportunity for visitors to start thinking about their connection to the art works).
• Promote the notion that anyone’s perspective on an artwork is valid (more informal approach than traditional guided tours/curator’s talks).
• Develop the skills, confidence and knowledge of those involved.
• Tell a story about the talker as well as about the artwork (personal responses).
• Build relationships with colleagues across Tate.
Planning your talk


ANNA DE AMICIS Sun 18 Feb 2018 9:35AM

Hi there. We are in the Incubator Two (VR and dance). We think that there's a link between our project and the artwork 'Endless' by Delaunay. He was commissioned to paint murals for the Aeronautics pavilion at the 1937 Paris International Exhibition; the resulting compositions included discs, rings and colour rhythms on a huge scale. Behind this work, there's the concept of simultanism (the simultaneous' contrasting of colours and shapes).
It is a concept that can be applied to VR as well, considering the continuous overlapping of VR and Physical R. http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/delaunay-endless-rhythm-t01233.

I'm sharing here the list of artworks we also considered. Maybe they can be of interest to others:
- the Calder's mobile sculptures that refer to movement and balance of form and colour
- the Boccioni's futuristic sculpture that represents a mechanised body
- Miro's painting http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/chagall-the-dance-and-the-circus-n06135 and the Degas' ballerina http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/degas-little-dancer-aged-fourteen-n06076 to connect to the dance performance.


Pascale Sun 18 Feb 2018 9:38AM

Professor Ipsita Roy has agreed to give a public talk regarding her research on Saturday 10th March at 3 pm


Digital Maker Collective Bot Mon 19 Feb 2018 2:24PM

Ok thanks - this is where we need to start to agree and write down the detailed programme for the week - lets start doing this tomorrow


Farrukh Akbar Sun 18 Feb 2018 4:16PM

Hi, I would like to propose a 10 min talk around Nam June Paik’s 'Bakelite Robot'. The robot is perfect as an anchor point as it references the era of the vintage radios, 60's television and the earliest Bakelite plastic. Using this artwork as background I wanted to track how our relationship to technology has changed from the 1940's to today's Artificial Intelligence, 'deep learning' computers and nano technology. Linking it to the Digital Makers Collective's 'Future of Art work' workshop.This is also a substantial part of my current MA enquiry.


ANNA DE AMICIS Wed 21 Feb 2018 7:27PM

Hi. We worked on the 10 min talk and this is what we came up with.


ANNA DE AMICIS Wed 21 Feb 2018 9:30PM


Farrukh Akbar Wed 21 Feb 2018 9:45PM