Primary audience of site front page

RS- Robin Stent - Outreach Public Seen by 18

If this is going to be the main landing site for Diaspora then I think the front page really needs to be aimed at Joe Public rather than potential podmins and developers which is who it seems to be aimed at at the moment.

If someone is interested in being a podmin or a developer then they can click through to a section for them, but primarily it needs to be aimed at non-technical facebook users who have been nudged to give Diaspora a try.


Jason Robinson Mon 26 Nov 2012 7:41PM

I disagree. While of course we can improve the looks later, I strongly think at the moment the most important thing for the site is to get more people to contribute by running pods, non-coding and coding stuff.

Diaspora* is not ready for Joe Public.


Sean Tilley Tue 27 Nov 2012 3:07AM

What I'm aiming for is highlighting both the project and the software, in the sense that it appeals to both devs and non-devs. I think it's important to being community news and blogging to the forefront so as to better connect our community members.

The user-side copyediting for presenting Diaspora will be done in detail at diaspora-project.org/learn.


goob Tue 11 Jun 2013 1:56PM

I agree with both Jason and Sean: at this stage in the project's life, what we need most are contributors: coders, helpers, testers, podmins, writers (documentation, blogs, copy for this site, etc), outreach people, and so on.

We don't actually need more users at this stage, although anyone is welcome.

On the other hand, we don't want the site to be forbidding to anyone who has little technical knowledge and knows nothing about Diaspora. So let's focus on what will encourage developers and other contributors to get involved, while keeping at least the main parts of the site (those not focused on development, etc) accessible to anyone.