Wed 26 Jun 2019 7:07PM

Guidelines for how to spend PPBe's money

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Last Lab, we reflected on some guidelines to decide how should we spend PPBe's money. In the end, we would like to have a more open process to spend money and support more easily projects and ideas that share our values.

Here is the result so far :
1. 3 pirates propose (or 1 pirate propose and 2 back) or a crew.
2. If there is less than 1.000€ left on the bank account, we don't do spending, so we can pay the servers and have a little bit money if necessary
3. The proposition must not be against the values/objectives of PPBe (therefore not meet any strong objection)
4. There must be a possibility to debate the proposition both online (on Loomio) and offline (by default at the Lab, otherwise in an appropriate meeting), within a reasonable period.
5. Closure of the decision : still needs to be defined
6. Payment is done on basis of a proof of the decision (report, Loomio discussion... ) and if necessary the bill (refund)


Christophe Cop Fri 28 Jun 2019 9:10AM

I do think that, according to the current statutes, the treasurer does need to report on the GA (but then again, there are not so much GA's being organised) .

Maybe we should also put in a point that if the expenditure is more than 50% of the current 'reserves' or are above a certain amount (let's say above 2000€), the persons/crew requesting the amount should try and get as much support as possible (so reaching out through email or other channels of communication, like loomio, facebook, phone,...). I wouldn't make this obligatory (yet), but see it as a 'best practice'.


HgO Sat 29 Jun 2019 9:17AM

@patrickinstalle did a report every time there was a GA, even when he couldn't be there he sent the slides to someone who would be there.

Now, the idea behind this proposal is also to avoid doing a GA just for supporting projects. Because organising a GA takes a lot of time and energy, and during the GA we don't have time to discuss together, which usually brings conflicts…


Christophe Cop Tue 9 Jul 2019 12:34PM

If you don't want it through GA, then we do need to update our PPBE statutes, which is something that needs to be done on a GA.
Of course, there are no instances controlling or objecting at the moment, and the proposal here is not unreasonable and we shouldn't use red tape in the first place to limit our own actions.


Patrick Installé Fri 28 Jun 2019 10:38AM

I am always accessible for the member (who paid ;-)). At most of the meeting where I am present irl I inform the current status of the treasury. It's not a secret it's not public too. I give the information to the people I need to, not less not more.

Actually we spend a little less than we receive, no stress .

We could make a GA, or an event without financial stress too. For a GA we need organizers. It's another subject.