Response to ICFOSS Director, Sabarish K's requests to community.

KVM Kannan V M Public Seen by 44

On July 15th evening 7pm, the new ICFOSS director Sabarish K had a discussion on the concerns about ICFOSS presented by Free Software communities. The responses by ICFOSS Director are collected by Akshay and are given here.

Concluding the discussion, director has requested us the following

1.) Volunteers for framing a guideline and criteria for funding
2.) Proposals from member groups for developing 2 Open fonts not fontforged variants
3.) Contribution of case studies for impact of Libre software in Kerala
4.) List of Communities and their Nomanclature
5.) List of Captains representatives for inclusion in the board for project/event selection and fellow selection.
6.) Wholehearted support

He has given us one week to respond to it.

In order to respond to his requests, lets have a meeting this Sunday at 3pm on https://meet.fsci.in/ICFOSSResponseMeet

NB: Further discussions can be continued at Loomio instance hosted by FSCI, https://codema.in/d/VAEbKIoJ