Wed 20 Dec 2017 9:19AM

Demo for New Years

DDB Daniel DeTerrence Brooks Public Seen by 20

Hello Realitistas! I'm doing a presentation of Realities at the New Year's Burn in Denmark around the 28th, with the purpose of recruiting new Reality Guides. And I'm wondering if it might be possible to have a demo working at that time? What do you think?


Fredrik Bränström Wed 20 Dec 2017 9:54AM

Should be possible to do a read only demo as far as I know


Daniel DeTerrence Brooks Wed 20 Dec 2017 8:50PM

Ok great! Uh... how?


Hugi Ásgeirsson Thu 21 Dec 2017 3:23AM

You'll be able to show this. I just implemented some early stage graph visualisation.
We just have to get it up and running on the staging server at https://realities.herokuapp.com
@matthewparsons – could we deploy the latest version from the GitHub master branch?


Erik Frisk Wed 27 Dec 2017 9:45AM

@danieldeterrencebr Use this url instead of the herokuapp one: http://realities.theborderland.se/