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Loomio bugs, issues and feedback

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This is a public space to report bugs or feedback about Loomio.

If your report contains private information, or you would rather contact us directly, please email [email protected].

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Robert Guthrie Wed 20 Sep 2023 4:20AM

@Julie Nevin thanks for the screenshot. Fixed now. (be sure to refresh your browser)


Julie Nevin Tue 19 Sep 2023 3:34AM

@Robert Guthrie weirdly just means the shape of the letter is different depending on whether it has a macron. Here's a screenshot of my post:


Robert Guthrie Mon 18 Sep 2023 10:52PM

@Julie Nevin - thanks for reporting this issue. Could you please share a screenshot of how you're seeing the macrons - ie: what "weirdly" is for you? I'm not sure I'm experiencing the same thing.


Julie Nevin Sun 10 Sep 2023 11:02PM

(On Chrome at least,) macrons display weirdly - like they are using a different font. Given the prevalence of macrons in te reo Māori, it would be good to resolve this inconsistency.

aā eē iī oō uū AĀ EĒ IĪ OŌ UŪ


Dani Ahrens Tue 5 Sep 2023 11:01AM

Is there any way to manually mark a thread as unread?


Robert Guthrie Wed 2 Aug 2023 7:27PM

@Adam Hardy we do track email opens (when users permit their email client to open images) as well as reads via the app.

The number is total number of users, not visits/opens, which would be more.

A email summary will track all it's content as being opened.


Fran67 Wed 2 Aug 2023 7:14PM

The notification emails do not contain any mechanism to tracks openings.
(I open the mails within Thunderbird and I should be aware that a mail tries to to communicate “in my back”.)

Anyway, even if there was such a system, you never could be sure that Loomio knows a reader has opened a notification mail. From me, for instance, you shouldn't know it.

I don't know what happens when a reader answers by mail.


Adam Hardy Wed 2 Aug 2023 10:31AM

Hi All, quick question: when a thread title says "Seen by 613" does that mean that 613 have visited Loomio and read the thread online, or does the notification email track email openings, so 613 people have actually opened the notification email?


Robert Guthrie Tue 25 Jul 2023 3:52AM

@Matthew Cropp thanks for mentioning this.

So it was our intention that Sense Check replaces Check.

However, if you wish for Check, you can recreate it with the Edit Template feature.

I've recorded a video showing how you might do this. Sorry it's slow - I'm slow today :)

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