Importing and exporting contacts through pods

CG Christian Giménez Public Seen by 56

Is it posible to export contact from a pod and import them into another pod?

For example, I have account in two pods, lets say A and B: I want to export the contacts in pod A and import them in B.
Contacts should recieve the "share aproval" request as usual when I import them in B.

Is this possible?


Christian Giménez Mon 10 Mar 2014 1:43PM

I think that the main problem here is the "bottleneck" situation: If I have 1000 contacts in A, all of them have to be computed in B for sending the aprovals and adding them to the database.Maybe some limits are needed.


[deactivated account] Mon 10 Mar 2014 1:58PM

Before it was there discussion, which was aimed to login user in any diaspora pod, but this was rejected by team.
Anyway i think this is good idea, login at any diaspora pod.
Maybe with share aproval.
This is still problem in diaspora and solving isn't there.


Rasmus Fuhse Mon 10 Mar 2014 2:24PM

Christian, the "bottleneck" is already there, if you want to call it a bottleneck. When I want to move to another pod, I have to search the users, click on their profile and add them. Why do you think, that an automatic tool for this usecase will be a performance-issue more like doing it manually?


goob Mon 10 Mar 2014 3:17PM

Duplicate of https://www.loomio.org/d/w6nfQPFc/personal-data-import-export

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