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On the lab we decided that it would be better to rearange the links on the top of the site[1] a bit.
Wiki and Calendar are now merged and we have a dropdown 'Tools' for Loomio (which wasn't on the website yet!), Pad and Mastodon.
There is still some refinement needed as can be seen in the Mastodon thread [2]. This thread is to discuss further and reach a decision.

[1] https://pirateparty.be/

[2] Mastodon thread


Ilja Sun 25 Feb 2018 10:44AM

So as I understand it, the merging to the Tools dropdown is generally considerred a good step (although maybe not the dicision process).

Current questions: Should Wiki/Calender be one thing? If no, how to fix it.


HgO Sun 25 Feb 2018 10:53AM

Possible solutions :
1. Have a link Calendar/Wiki that go to the wiki home page (current)
2. Have a link Calendar that go either to Category:Event or Category:Pirate Event, and put Wiki under the Tools dropdown (my proposal)
3. Have a link Calendar that go to the wiki home page, and put Wiki under the Tools dropdown (@josse 's proposal)

For me, having a Calendar link that go to the wiki home page is confusing... :/


Ilja Sun 25 Feb 2018 11:09AM

(1) Says you go to the wiki AND that there's a calendar there, so I don't have immediate problems with that. But if everyone agrees that the wiki can go under tools, I don't mind (2). It's even a bit more neater than (1) that way.
The question under (2) then is 'Event' or 'Pirate Events'.
Personaly I think it's kanda weird to have external events and then not show them, so ATM I'd be more inclined for 'Events' in general.

As for (3), I agree that going to the wiki-home from a 'calendar' link is confusing.


Josse Mon 26 Feb 2018 7:11PM

An agenda that is at the same time a wiki... It sounded like a thing to me. And you have to admit: if you go from the site to the wiki: there is a change of user experience.


Ilja Wed 28 Feb 2018 5:01PM

The User Experience does change. For me, the problem there is more that the website and wiki-themes aren't aligned (but let's not go there :/ ).
I do believe that sometimes, to go forward, it's more important to look at what should instead of what is.
In this case, the User Experience should stay the same. So even if it's not yet (and I emphasize yet), let's pretend that it is.

However, I mostly think it's already a huge improvement to how it was before, so I'm content either way. Maybe it's better to discuss this offline at a next lab or something.

EDIT: I changed the acronyms to be more clear.


koen_v Thu 1 Mar 2018 7:52AM

dag ilja,
sorry, maar ik heb een vraagje-waar staan die acroniemen voor, UE en AFK?


Ilja Thu 1 Mar 2018 6:58PM

Ah :nerd: my bad habbits
ᅠᅠ ᅠUE => User Experience
ᅠᅠ ᅠAFK => Away From Keyboard (basically the same as saying Face to Face)