Group identity

RDB Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 74

Hey folks we've been working on a feature I'm pretty excited about, keen to hear some feedback.

So the idea is every group has a big space at the top of the page to inject a bit of visual identity (the "cover photo"), and a small icon that can represent them around the site (the "logo").

This first iteration is basically ready to go, so I'd love to get it out into the wild ASAP. I just wanted to hear any reactions before we release it though.

The main question I'm holding right now is what to set the defaults to. For this first draft I've just chosen some boring placeholders, but I think this could be a great opportunity to inject some personality into Loomio. I'm imagining a gallery where you could chose from images submitted by other users, or by commissioned artists.

What do you think?


Jon Lemmon Mon 9 Jun 2014 4:36AM

Lookin great! A gallery would be sweet. This is a really great opportunity to give our brand and the site some more personality.

Perhaps this thread can be a starting point for "user-submitted images". I'll kick it off with a few Creative Commons images I've found with loomio-related themes.

Themes that seem to conjur up the idea of collective/universal intelligence for me are things like: weaving, emergence, flocks of birds, webs, weather systems, space, galaxies, fractals, neural networks, etc.

Wow, I love all that stuff!


mix irving Mon 9 Jun 2014 6:03AM

looks smashing.
release it


Rachel B. Wickert Mon 9 Jun 2014 7:40AM

YEAHHH….Love it!


Miguel Prados Rodriguez Mon 9 Jun 2014 7:52AM

Hi @richarddbartlett good idea, I will suggest to use also pictures (also CC rights) of the 15M movement in Spain, there are some nice ones and we happen to use Loomio sometimes ! please see:


And the archive here https://www.flickr.com/search/?license=4%2C5&sort=relevance&text=15m

Pictures suggest what Loomio is about: people together taking decisions. Thanks for the amazing work !


Chris Taklis Mon 9 Jun 2014 8:55AM

nice @richarddbartlett ... it's fantastic.


Julian Dumitrascu Mon 9 Jun 2014 10:31AM

I support this idea.
I suggest that we indicate its place in the big picture, e.g. its role and relations.
I might look for an application that lets one build a 3D network of whatever content one needs.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 12 Jun 2014 9:36AM

I love all those images @jonlemmon and @miguelpradosrodrig - interesting to note the majority of them are free to use, so long as the creator is attributed. It would be good to think about how we could work a photo credit into the interface. For example, Medium does this really well.


Alanna Irving Thu 12 Jun 2014 9:41AM

Ahhhhh!!!! The Enspiral group looks amazing right now <3