Sun 29 Apr 2018 4:58AM


J Julie Public Seen by 309

I've been playing with creating wikis and embedding them in the website. Here's what I've got so far


Julie Sun 29 Apr 2018 5:05AM

I've added pages to DD's Translate NVC wiki, just to test it all out. My newly added pages are here and you can see the same thing, embedded in our website, here

I've copied over a number of NVC-O documents from Google Docs, and I've found it quite hard to do - you can't just cut and paste, or import, the wiki format as quite different from other formats, like Word, or HTML. My understanding is that we want to use this wiki for two main reasons:

(1) so that everyone can edit it, and
(2) for ease of translating to other languages.

My concern at this point is that it's not so easy to edit, and that it will be difficult especially for less technical users. Editing also requires leaving the website (where the wiki is embedded), and going to the wiki site itself.

I haven't yet worked out how to get it do translations.


Dieudonné Sun 29 Apr 2018 9:52PM

Thank you Julie for giving it a try :thumbsup:
About translations, you have some tools here :
* https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:SpecialPages

I used this page :
* https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:UserRights/JulieLawrence

so that you can use the "Prepare page for translation" page if you'd like.


Julie Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:08AM

Thanks Dieudonne :)


Julie Thu 3 May 2018 10:00PM

I've added some pages to the Wiki at https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/NVC-O, so we can embed them in the website, along with some already existing (and translated) ones. I've done the "Prepare page for translation" step for the Bulletins I've added, but haven't yet had time to look at how to actually translate them. Dieudonne, feel free to play with them - thanks! xx