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A. Welcome Webinar and Refining the SESP Roadmap

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Please feel free to join us for the SESP Webinar 1 on Friday 17 May at 12:30. Click the link below to join the webinar. If you cannot join, the session will be recorded and a link will be posted.
We will be discussing the following points about the project and available for a Q&A session
Whys and Hows
Walking through the proposed roadmap
How you can be an active navigator.

The first call to action after the webinar!
Contribute to the on-going discussion:
Q Is there anything you would like to add to or change for the SESP process?
Q. Tell us about Sector events and/or activities that are taking place in the next 6 months that you would like to share with the Navigators Group.

For those that were unable to attend the Welcome Webinar, I have attached the slide deck, and here is the link to the recording:



Peter Jenner Fri 17 May 2019 3:19AM

Excellent start to an excellent project ...well done all


Rena Frohman Fri 17 May 2019 5:53AM

Many thanks Peter - please let us know if there are processes/communication channels that we can improve on along the way.


Peter Jenner Sun 19 May 2019 11:55PM

I think that the approach to the project being taken is very appropriate and will bear fruit.




Rena Frohman Mon 20 May 2019 1:46AM

Thanks Peter


Anna Crabb Thu 23 May 2019 10:36AM

Working for me. Thanks team.


Tom Allen Sun 26 May 2019 9:44PM

Great to see momentum building around SESP! Well done.
Given the current effort going into putting in a bid to bring the Social Enterprise World Forum to Australia (with the main event held in Brisbane), could I please request that if we are to be invited to submit a formal proposal (initial EOI will be submitted this Friday, May 31), that we include a SEWF co-design discussion as part of the SESP process to ensure that a wide variety of voices contribute to and have a strong voice in the bid?


Rena Frohman Sun 26 May 2019 11:27PM

Hi Tom @impactboom - Thanks for the positive feedback.
I think creating a SEWF thread on Loomio is exactly what the SESP process is all about. We want Navigators to engage and co-direct the discussions that will strengthen networks and the social enterprise sector. When you receive feedback on the SEWF process and want to kick-off the discussion, let us know and we'll help organise the thread on Loomio. Good luck with the EOI submission!


Tom Allen Mon 27 May 2019 12:38AM

Thanks very much @renafrohman. Once/if we get the invitation to move to the next formal bid stage, I'll be in touch and we can kick this off.


Tom Allen Sat 1 Jun 2019 3:09AM

Hi @renafrohman, could I please ask that you share the newly announced SEWF 2019 Australian Bursary Fund to the Navigator group? A great opportunity for Australia's social enterprise leaders, with applications open until June 30 -> https://www.philanthropy.org.au/SEWF-2019-ABF


Emma-Kate Rose Sun 2 Jun 2019 2:46AM

Hey @impactboom the link in the application page doesn't work!

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