[NL] Redo some stuff on the contribute page

I Ilja Public Seen by 16

I would like to reorder and change some stuff on https://nl.pirateparty.be/contribute/

  1. Cange the link from the home page from "Zich engageren" to "Doe mee!"
  2. Add a block to invite people to Loomio, the Matrix chat rooms and the fediverse
  3. Change the title of "Wil je een verschil maken en bijdragen en actief meehelpen?" to "Contacteer ons" and change the text to be more in line with the new title, because now it seems like they need permission or smthng before they can actually contribute
  4. Change the order of things. I would do
    1. "Help ons met de deelname aan de verkiezingen!" (and remove this after the elections)
    2. Discuss online (The new loomio+matrix+fedi block)
    3. "Liever In Real Life? Kom naar een pirate beer!"
    4. "Hou deze website in het oog of abonneer u op de nieuwsbrief"
    5. "Word lid of doneer"
    6. "Contacteer ons"

Plz let me know your objections, ideas, other input... If no one objects, I'll asume it's okey for me to change it (in I dunno, two weeks?).


Lander Meeusen Fri 26 Apr 2019 1:47PM

Sounds, good. I would already delete the stuff about asking signatures and instead refer to your post about our lists (and the link to the government-website.)


Ilja Fri 26 Apr 2019 5:04PM

EDIT: ignore this post plz :astonished: (see my reply below)

Ah yes, It's the same page, I just changed the content of the "Help ons ..." page https://nl.pirateparty.be/help-ons-met-de-deelname-aan-de-verkiezingen/

Maybe I should've put it on a different page :/I'll keep it as it is now since it's temporary, but I should remind that for the future. thx!


Ilja Fri 26 Apr 2019 5:11PM

Oh wait o.O I'm mixing up stuff :D Yes! I didn't change it on this page and I should :/ Yes! I'll do that too! thx!


Ilja Sun 12 May 2019 4:19PM

Alright! Page has changed, I also added an empty choice for "je motivatie", because this form could well be used for questions, remarks... as well. Plz check how y'all like it!