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Words of Wisdom Gathered in LAST Monday team meeting (July 19)

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Some of the words and image I wrote down from our meeting on Monday. I know that these experiences are integrating themselves into us as individuals and the collective, it is helpful to write them here to see where we have come and where we are going. So much better than Roberts Rules, don't you think!!


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and this is now in a "new" thread in Loomio ("things we want to cover in our NEXT meeting")


Rebecca Wed 21 Jul 2021 11:40PM

I want to put out there as I ponder our meeting on Monday... (seems like ages ago!). We have talked about getting some clearing. I certainly feel some new spaciousness in our group and I deeply appreciate the ongoing vulnerability that is required to stay in our authenticity. I want to reach out to Frederico and ask if he feels "cleared" or if there is anything further that he needs to process in the group?

Also, all of us have bravely said we would be willing to step up if someone is challenged by one of our behaviors and would be willing to do some clearing. I, for one, would need a process. The way it was cleared on Monday seemed one sided to me. It felt like Frederico asked for feedback, Kim gave it and then it was a lot for Frederico to process so he said he would sit with it. Which I greatly applaud. I don't know if you are continuing to process it Frederico. I don't want to feel like we have moved on. (And I guess for me, it still feels uncleared.) I know for me, I wouldn't have been able to stay present with the feedback in the way that it was presented on Monday the way Frederico did.

I don't know when we will be meeting again (the 5 of us) but I would love to address this more.

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Summer Mon 26 Jul 2021 5:17AM

Hi Rebecca, Now I am just now seeing this. I appreciate the time and presencing it took to be with this and funnel this...thank you...


[deactivated account] Thu 22 Jul 2021 2:07PM

Well, it is Thursday morning, and I am just now seeing this. Not only the words and images, but also your comments above, Rebecca —?inviting us to continue the discussion or clearing or feedback we did on Monday ….,.

I’m very open to that. In fact I love the way you have circled back on this, and invited us to continue and deepen into this.

Do you have a proposal for a particular way we might do that? And when? It’s probably too soon to call a meeting together today, and we’re all needing a rest. And I will be kayaking all day Friday. Don’t know if people want to do this on the weekend. I might be willing.

I am Certainly willing on Mandy to have a separate meeting of us five to focus on this. And all that we can learn from this. Maybe we just each go around for two minutes in the beginning and share where we are at with the Monday clearing. And let it unfold from there? …..

And then if we still have time and energy, the same meeting might be a good place to transition to integrating the Wednesday Community meeting?

Circling back on our Monday clearing reminds me in astrology of a retrograde loop. Where the planet in the sky is actually circling back on itself, and it’s a great opportunity to integrate those archtypal energies.

P.S. now that I have started a new thread called "things to cover in our next team meeting " .... SO, I would like your permission to move this thread into that thread, because it's some thing I want to address in our next team meeting, and I would imagine everybody would welcome that.


Eve Thu 22 Jul 2021 5:42AM

Thank you so much for sharing these…it is really nice to sit with these, especially today as so much is moving. It is a real gift.


Rebecca Wed 21 Jul 2021 11:28PM

Round one: Where am I?

  • guided to the sense of connection

  • a circling...deepening trust

  • wobbliness

  • overwhelm

  • response to the intention

  • surrendering into deepening vulnerability

  • chewing on

  • pulled in different directions

  • a wish to be for each other

  • learning what it means to be in a social experiment and the different ideas about what that is

  • playing differently--hurt, afraid

  • experiencing a hit

  • how can we use that energy for the greater good of the whole?

  • beauty and depth

  • alienated

  • creating waves

  • never seen the community quite this galvanized

  • wanted to be in a social experiment

Where are WE? What wants to unfold?

  • a pot boiling on the stove. the energy of the boiling is popping the lid up and down. some things are shooting out. Slightly messy. Sense of a beautiful stew emerging.

  • giant trees in a forest

  • new shoots coming out.

  • new and TENDER

  • making a big splash

  • the splash might not be big enough

  • tender attention

  • spaciousness

  • body trembling

  • deepening capacity for LOVE

  • allowing in micromovements and expressions

  • dismantling moderation

  • modulating

  • surrendering into true unmediated loving together

  • awareness: greater awareness for the collective

  • desire for the living heart to be experienced and known

  • collectively opening our arms as equals

  • we are fractals of the whole

  • Love and Holding

  • a wisdom and LOVE process

  • trying to birth something that is at the heart and not yet realized

  • Summer's clover shoots: tender little balls with enough light, warmth and water...

  • create a space in the community

  • aggression in the birth

  • haven't given self permission to be aggressive.

  • deep rumbling

  • men needing to be held by women

  • modeling men being held by women

  • Need woman MEDICINE delivered in a way for me to "get it".